Danica Niki Radisic

Danica, known to most as Niki, is a born communicator and wordsmith, known for her sharp mind and ability to get a message across with indisputable clarity.

Niki has consulted for major global online payment systems, international banks, food manufacturers, government agencies, startup accelerators, business hubs, media companies, professional associations, and several investment funds and VCs, with a particular focus on emerging markets and internationalization.

Born on the Iberian Peninsula to Serb expat parents, she was raised in several countries across three continents and picked up six languages along the way.

Her ability to communicate with over a third of the world’s population in their native languages and her in-depth knowledge of cultural differences and similarities, along with a lifetime of studying international markets and the way business is changing in the 21st century, inadvertently led to over 15 years of advising others in navigating these waters.

As a consultant she is known to be harsh and to cut to the chase with little to no foreplay. As a speaker, she has been known to captivate audiences with interactive lectures and on-stage discussions for over two hours at a time. As a writer, she tends to write exactly as she speaks.

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