I'm @nikibgd

Danica Niki Radisic

Communications & Marketing Consultant

Danica Niki Radisic

I bake and I know things.

Founder of Krazy Fish Media. Co-founder / CPO / COO of Virtuosica. Former CEE Regional Editor at Global Voices Online. Comms and marketing consultant. Mentor to ambitious women and youth.

I bake when I'm stressed. No, I will not bake for you if you stress me out. I occasionally publish opinions and recipes as @nikibgd on My Life in the Balkans and elsewhere.

#Worstmomever to @elabellar, @beovvolf, and @culturekinkgirl. Worse half of @mintcarguy

Not a terrible public speaker. And I write good too.





Work with me

Looking for mentoring or career coaching? Book a meeting with me here.

What I do

A lot of things. I tend to put too much on my plate and then focus on chewing. But in the free time I don't have, I thoroughly enjoy mentoring young professionals and women looking to either advance or return to their careers.



Always happy to connect with professionals in my industry and to pass on whatever skills and knowledge I've picked up over the years. Also happy to recommend a mentor if I'm not a good fit.


Career Development

Regardless of industry, if your life and career goals are to be independent, make a decent wage, and all while living in a remote location or traveling the world, then I'm probably the right mentor for you.


Other Services

For all of the other stuff, from small business development, marketing and comms strategies to small business or personal brand development, go to Krazy Fish Media to book an introductory call.

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