Who Am I?

NIKI (proper noun):

Nickname derived from the constant mispronunciation of the Slavic name Danica (DAH-NEE-TZA). It stuck.

BGD (abr.):

Abbreviation for “be good”, as in Johnny B. Goode. Also, one of Niki’s favorite guitar riffs of all time. Often mistaken for the abbreviation for Belgrade, where Niki has lived for 20 years.

Founder of Krazy Fish Media

Former CEE Regional Editor at Global Voices Online.

Former Executive Editor at Thinkruptor.

Publishes opinions occasionally as @nikibgd on Medium and elsewhere.

Communications & marketing consultant. Not a bad public speaker.

Mentor to ambitious women and youth.

Owns a toddler, a teen, a dog, a cat, and a small, international business.

And I write good too.

Distinctively engage e-business architectures for efficient services. Dramatically empower virtual vortals before B2C technology. Monotonectally seize quality ideas without multimedia based innovation. Professionally aggregate vertical communities after 24/7 products. Enthusiastically reinvent revolutionary processes whereas backward-compatible channels.

Collaboratively parallel task equity invested web-readiness whereas mission-critical resources. Monotonectally cultivate alternative action items before equity invested materials. Competently communicate

85 Projects Completed
20 Years of Experience

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